About Me

A picture of me


I am a programmer and web developer living in Madison, WI. I have experience with web/intranet app development and databases. See Website Details for a list of libraries and software I use for this website.

My Development Environment

  • My Custom Rust Themes
  • My custom Rust theme for VS Code
  • Cmder - An awesome terminal emulator for windows. Just awesome.
  • Blender - A free program for 3D modeling, animation, and game engine. I used this to make the isosphere background used on content as well as the background I use for Cmder (see above).
  • Apophysis 7x - A fractal editor for windows. A little buggy but I have created some cool fractals with it. I used this to render all of the fractas on on this website.
  • Firefox Quantum - I was using Chrome but have switched back to Firefox. Chrome was chrasing on my constantly. Since Mozilla has been using and supporting Rust it seems like the obvious choice.

Programming Languages

Most of my experience in the past has been with web development related languages. I have picked up Rust in early 2017 and haven't stopped programming in it. I intent to learn many languages, including Scala, Elixir, and Haskell. All languages are listed in order of familiarity (most to least).

  • More Experience

    • Rust
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • AutoHotKey
    • HTML / XML
  • Little Experience

    • Python
    • C#
    • Java


I have about 3 years of professional programming experience in PHP/HTML/JavaScript. I have created websites and web apps for businesses and non-profits. In college I logged over 120 hours of formal tutoring, and was often approached by fellow students for informal help.


I have used MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server professionally, and Oracle for all of my college classes. I feel very comfortable using databases; writing queries (including complex joins), stored procedures, and full-text searches. I have dabbled in NoSQL databases like CouchDB and Couchbase.


Never stop learning/reading. I would like to to get more experience working various technologies and softwares. I believe working more with NoSQL databases as well as using Redis or Varnish with Rust would be useful. Also I am trying to write more unit tests.

Languages To Learn

  • Scala
  • Elixir
  • TypeScript
  • Haskell