Website Details

This blog was written in Rust using the Rocket framework. See About Me for a list of tools I use and information about me.

Software And Services

  • Nginx - Using it as a reverse proxy to forward requests to my blog web app, while also serving static files.
  • Let's Encrypt - Can't beat free.
  • Linode - Cheap and easy to use Virtual Private Servers. Their Linode Manager and great tutorials makes it fairly easy get setup quickly. Higly recommended.
  • Rust
  • Rocket - A powerful and fast web framework for Rust that uses a type-driven approach. Requires nightly version of Rust, but all the good ones do.
  • Ubuntu - While I use Windows or Pop! OS for development I like the stability of Ubuntu for my server.


I use several JavaScript libraries to enhance the look and interactivity of the site. Here are the libraries that I use along with their licenses:

  • Highlight.js - Syntax Highlighting for my code snippets. I created a custom stylesheet to style Rust code snippets; the custom hljs style resembles my own personal Sublime Text theme. Licensed under the BSD license.
  • TOC jQuery Plugin - I use this jQuery plugin to create a nice looking table of contents for article pages and static pages containing markdown. Apache license.
  • fancyBox 3 - fancyBox is a very cool library for displaying images and image galleries. Works with mobile devices and touch screens. GPLv3 license.
  • jQuery 3 - I have found jQuery to be extremely useful. It makes DOM manipulation, even previously complex cases, very easy. MIT license.
  • Bootstrap - Even though this is CSS I put it here because it is the only CSS library I use, and it does have a JavaScript component. MIT license.
  • Hljs Line Numbers - A plugin for Highlight.js to wrap code snippets in a table that dispalys the line numbers. MIT license.
  • Clipboard.js - A nice little library to help copy text to the clipboard. MIT license.
  • Remarkable - Converts Markdown into HTML. It has some nice features and works very well for my purposes. MIT license.
  • jQuery Toast Plugin - Creates little notification messages. Click the Copy button next to any code snippet to see. MIT license.